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Acquamedia and Platinum Blue Announce Strategic Partnership and Investment Agreement

May 22, New York / Barcelona

Acquamedia Technologies, S.L. has chosen Platinum Blue to provide music search, recommendation and discovery technology to enhance Acquamedia’s flagship AllTheLatest (TodoLoÚltimo) mobile shops. The recommendation technology will be available in over 10 countries where Acquamedia has portals, with plans to integrate in all new markets where AllTheLatest shops are opening in 2007 and beyond.

“Platinum Blue is a leading provider of technology-based music services. The company’s executives broke new ground in the hit prediction field and have the solid relationships and industry credibility that make us believe they are the right partners to bring to market the next generation music search, recommendation and discovery services”, said Marcos Cuevas, co-founder and marketing director of Acquamedia.

Mike McCready, CEO of Platinum Blue added, “Acquamedia is the number one mobile music retailer in every market they’ve entered and they are rapidly expanding. This deal will strengthen our company and enable Platinum Blue to remain at the forefront of the red hot music search and recommendation market. We are elated to announce this deal with such a formidable partner”.

In light of the ongoing successful partnership Acquamedia is now announcing a strategic investment in Platinum Blue. Acquamedia will take an equity position in the music Intelligence company as well as a seat on Platinum Blue’s board of directors. The companies will seek to capitalize on their synergies at every opportunity.

“Both companies are experiencing explosive growth and this partnership will enhance what each company is able to offer the end user in the mobile sector and will ensure that Acquamedia holds its leading position in the very competitive mobile digital retail space where we must constantly strive to innovate and differentiate ourselves.” added Cuevas.

About Platinum Blue Music Intelligence, Inc.

New York, NY-based Platinum Blue Music Intelligence, Inc was founded in December 2005 by Mike McCready and Tracie Reed, executives who spent 4 years from 2001 to late 2005 developing and breaking ground in the hit prediction and music recommendation space at their former company, Polyphonic HMI (now Music Intelligence Solutions). Platinum Blue’s mission is to provide the best real world applications of cutting edge technologies for the music and media industries.

About Acquamedia Technologies, S.L.

Barcelona-based Acquamedia is a world-leading mobile content retailer with traffic to conversion rates 3 times higher than its closest competitor anywhere in the world. The company has recently expanded and signed deals in over 10 countries in Europe and Latin America positioning the company to become the world’s largest mobile digital content provider. Most recently the company has been preparing to enter the US market.

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  1. Cheryl Marianne March 30, 2009 Reply

    I was watching a documentary about music and it mentioned you and how you take a song and match it to a computer to see if it will be a hit….I am a singer/songwriter and I am curious as to how I could have my songs tested in this manner….it would really help to know which ones might be a hit before pitching them….I live in Canada near Vancouver…perhaps you know someone locally that could do this for me….I would appreciate any info you can give me on this….Thanks….Cheryl Marianne

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