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Running Around The World – Jerusalem

By Mike on October 20, 2007 in Business Travel, Life, Uncategorized

I’m in Israel on a bit of business but mostly pleasure. It’s very impressive, even moving!! So much history, so many familiar names and places. I’ll write more on being here in a future post.

Disclaimer – The camel in this video is the first and only camel I’ve seen here. This is a modern, first world, wealthy country. Sometimes the dusty, brown, war-torn images we get from this region on the news make us think that’s what it’s like here and that you see people leading camels through the streets all the time; like actually is the case in other places I’ve been such as Egypt and Morocco. It’s not that way here. Israel (or at least most of Jerusalem) is a beautiful, green, very first-world city.

Click on the video below to see Running Around The World – Jerusalem.


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