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Archive for December, 2007

  • Merry Christmas & Happy 2008 from Jerusalem

    By Mike on December 28, 2007
    It took me a while to get this organized since I’ve been so busy wrapping up 2007 but I wanted to send out something somewhat personal to friends and family. I hope you’re having a great holiday break. Click on the video below to see my brief greeting and some sights and sounds from Jerusalem.
  • Another Tech Bubble?

    By Mike on December 19, 2007
    I’ve got some serious stuff to say on the subject and will do so when I can come up for air after the holidays. For now, take a look at this funny video I came across the other day.
  • John Oliver – Tortured Logic

    By Mike on December 18, 2007
    This clip is from October 8, 2007 and I meant to post it back then but filed it and just now got back to it. It’s quite poignant and insightful as well as funny. Check it out: