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Archive for March, 2008

  • Music Industry Toying With an ISP Flat Rate to Subscribers

    By Mike on March 28, 2008
    The Washington Post has a story today that was all the buzz within the music industry yesterday and one that has been the topic of heated debate and controversy on various industry email groups I belong to. It’s about Warner Music Group hiring Jim Griffin, (a well known industry analyst and leading thinker) to lead the drive to have Internet […]
  • Dia Internacional de la Lluita de Coixins a Nova York

    By Mike on March 23, 2008
    Cada any, i per tercer any consecutiu s’ha organitzat en 25 ciutats d’arreu del mon el Dia Internacional de la Lluita de Coixins. Aquesta es una filmació i petit reportatge d’aquest dia a la famosa plaça de Greenwich Village en Nova York, Union Square.
  • Kyra Reed's Book About Blogging

    By Mike on March 2, 2008
    My friend Kyra Reed has just published a book about blogging I think will be a hit among those who are just getting into blogging as well as among experienced bloggers who know that the promotion, distribution and targeting of your posts are what successful blogging is all about. Blog 101: Why YOU Need a Blog and How to Make […]