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OKGO's New Video – This Too Shall Pass

The official line is that the group fought with EMI (their label) to be able to post this video online and make it freely available. But we know that’s not true. Making viral videos has become OK GO’s trademark. Not allowing the video to go viral would be shooting themselves in the foot.

OKGO is more known for their videos than their songs – even though I do think their music is pretty good. If you’ve never seen these guys you might want to watch the videos in reverse order, starting at the bottom of this post. This first one was choreographed by one of the band member’s sisters and was shot in one take. It did so well on the web that their next video was done in the same vein but using treadmills.

I remember sitting in Capital EMI offices in 2005 having a discussion with the band about computer-based hit predictions and they were not buying it at all. They had yet to release their first song through EMI so they were completely unknown. I guess they believed much more in viral video-based hit prediction and I definitely it worked for them even though we had predicted that the music alone wasn’t enough to get them on the charts. Anyway, these are great videos so even if you’ve seen them they’re worth watching again.

This new video is much more entailed but seems to be equally good. It’s for their new song “This Too Shall Pass”

This is their second video to their song called “Here It Goes Again”. By the way, the guy singing in the video is (as I understand) not their lead singer. He’s actually the drummer but he does play the role of the lead singer in their videos. Just another one of their quirks.

This is their first video to their song called “A Million Ways from 2005”

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  1. Charlie March 10, 2010 Reply

    I could spend hours watching all the Million Ways entries on YouTube. In fact I have. I do think you were right though, their music ain’t enough to get them in the charts. I don’t know what their sales are actually like. I don’t think the music’s much cop. But I salute their inventiveness and creativity.

    OK Go are not the first sub-par band to be signed to major – indeed, the tsunami of mediocrity that has been let loose on a less and less credulous public since the late 80s is by far the biggest cause of the destruction of the recorded music industry, not “piracy”.

    But yes, hats off to great videos and dance contests.

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