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Are You Watching Tremé on HBO? This Is the Real Davis McAlary…

By Mike on May 22, 2010 in Entertainment Industry, Life, Music, Uncategorized

His name is Davis Rogan. He’s a friend of some good friends of mine. I interviewed him a while back when I heard they were making Tremé and that one of the main characters was based on him. I was going to write a piece on The Huffington Post but I didn’t end up writing it. I will probably come back to it soon. Anyway, this is one of his songs. It’s genius and overflowing with creativity. It needs some polishing but I love it. Check it out. Oh, and if you’re not watching Tremé, I recommend it. Give it an episode or two to start grabbing your attention. It’s worth it.

“I Quit” by Davis Rogan


Davis Rogan

Davis Rogan


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