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The Future of Pop Music

I saw this video today on The Music Industry Report. They wrote:

Why the CD is dead and what music companies need to do about it. A great short “YouTube” video that every potential Independent Label/Production Company/Artist Development Company/Management Company should watch. Jim Park Young is a Korean music executive and provides wisdom keys concerning why he feels his company has been so successful in marketing pop artist overseas. During the interview, Mr. Young also states that the Album format is dead and that the key to success for the foreseeing future will be on creating great singles and selling them online. He also states that if your focus is only toward selling music from your project, you are leaving too much money on the table.


  1. Peter Saltzman June 2, 2010 Reply

    Albums are not gone, but the CD is indeed gone. The album will simply morph into a different, totally dynamic format that grows over time, instead of being a single BIG release.

    The problem, though ,with guys like this is they absolutely have no interest in music itself, except as a part of a larger package. It’s this kind of cynicism, masked as clever marketing, that is ultimately destroying the music business.

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