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Cetak's Gourmet Meats & Sausages

By Mike on December 19, 2010 in Business, Life, Uncategorized

Here’s a departure from my usual topics but one I hope you’ll look into.

I grew up in a rural, remote, small town called Ord, Nebraska and as you can imagine, coming from the heart of the nation’s bread basket, I have a special appreciation for top-of-the-line meats and produce. And when I refer to prime, grade-A meats, I don’t mean top-of-the-line like you might find at YOUR local gourmet meat market. I mean the kind you can only get at the source. In other words, if you’re not from there you’ve probably never had such quality. Maybe the closest you’ve ever had is from Omaha Steaks but even that doesn’t quite meet the excellence I’m talking about.

In Ord, the locals have a special place in their hearts for the Cetak (pronounced Che-tock) family, who have always run the best local meat-cutting business. In fact, any time a family member of mine goes back to visit, it is expected they will bring back a few packages of cold cuts, steaks and hot dogs from A.J. Cetak’s Meat Market. But this holiday season I became aware that the Cetak’s have gone national with a website and national delivery network that can put this incredible product on your table no matter where you live. If you like your taste buds you have got to place an order. You won’t be disappointed.

My part of Nebraska was settled by immigrants from central and northern Europe and the Cetak legacy began in 1904 with traditional family recipes for savory Czech bratwursts and sausages. The tradition continues today and you can get everything from choice cut steaks to Cetak’s signature wieners / hot dogs (which I especially recommend).

You can check them out here and if you do it fast, you might even get it delivered in time for the holidays. They ship every Monday and Tuesday to insure the flash-frozen products don’t linger in delivery warehouses over the weekend.

Treat yourself!!


  1. Kris December 20, 2010 Reply

    Cetak’s has the absolute best hot dogs and Polish sausage in the world! They will also custom cut steaks to the thickness you like. There is nothing at all like Cetak’s!

  2. rebecca stillman December 20, 2010 Reply

    I agree 100% with Mike…Cetak’s is the best! My home town is also Ord, NE & whenever we go for a visit; Cetak’s comes back to PA via a cooler on the plane. Nice to know you can order on line now!

  3. Jen Hiebner December 20, 2010 Reply

    I am also from Ord and agree it is amazing. They are the only hot dogs I will eat. I am fortunate that they opened a second store in Lincoln which is where I live now and can get their products at any time. I also love AJ’s seasoning!

  4. David December 20, 2010 Reply

    I’m sure you have great meat Mike!!!!!
    I notice that the “unsolicited testimonials” only mention fast food : hot dogs and the like. What cold cuts do you produce and do you deliver to the UK?
    If you do I will be surprised: last time I visited the US I had gone through customs/immigration and a huge dog chased me, barking like hell. The homeland security guy came up and asked me to empty my bag, which I did to reveal a miniature gourmet pork pie I had forgotten I had (these pies are about one and a half inches in diameter) I asked him how dangerous this pie could be and with a straight face he said “You might give it to an animal”….yeah right….so humans are OK then! They confiscated it.

  5. Mike McCready December 20, 2010 Reply

    Hi David. Well, the business isn’t mine. I’m just a life-long satisfied customer myself. I doubt they deliver to the UK but I think it’s more due to customs laws (those of the UK) than anything else. Governments tend to limit the importing and exporting of fresh produce and meats.

    To answer your other questions though, Cetak’s has all sorts of meats and sausages including steaks and the like. They are just slightly more famous for the sausages, wieners and cold cuts due to the special family recipes.

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