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Sorry, but who the hell are you?

By Mike on March 3, 2015 in Barcelona, Life

I went out to get coffee this morning here in Barcelona and as I left the coffee shop a gal I vaguely recognized on the sidewalk saw me and called my attention to say hello. I looked her up and down really quickly and just couldn’t place her in that moment. So I said, “Hey! How’s it going?” and just sort of went on my way without waiting for an answer.

I get really self-conscious when in a situation like that. “What will she think of the fact I can’t put her face and name (and where I know her from) together in a split second?” Yikes! My instinct is to get out of the situation asap and not to let on that I’m clueless, which probably makes just as bad of an impression.

I HATE it when I do that. Facial recognition is not my strong suit and putting names to faces can be a real challenge for me sometimes if I don’t know you well. It’s a real handicap for a guy who makes a living running a company where interacting with tons of people is a must – and attending conferences is what I do multiple times per year and I can go several years without seeing someone our company deals with. Not recognizing them kills me and probably makes them think I’m a dick.

So, if I ever do that to you, please know I mean no disrespect and I do exercises so this doesn’t happen – but it must be something in my genes.

Additionally, I’ve been told I come across as serious and sometimes unapproachable. Sorry about that too. I’m affable and friendly. I promise.

I can’t wait for facial recognition to be ubiquitous and a part of every mobile device. My iPhone will one day solve this problem.

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