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Musicians, bands, songwriters & fellow music industry colleagues… this blog’s for you

I want to connect with you. I want to know what you’re going through to reach your dream/goal of making a living with your music and I want to help out by sharing some of the things I’ve learned (and continue to learn) as I apply my best thinking and best work to world of music. Currently, I’m putting my heart and soul into building solutions for musicians and the music industry at Music Xray. If nothing else, I work my butt off.

Until now, May 2013, this blog was a smattering of stuff and then I largely abandoned it as social media grew dominant. I’ve recently decided to revive it and focus more purely on the few things I know a lot about.

In addition to stuff about music, I occasionally go on a rant of some sort or another about something I consider important enough write about. My food and wine musings are those of a non-expert but I’m getting better and have been around, eaten at some of the world’s best restaurants and I’ve been oddly lucky to have been served by some great private chefs (long stories).

What do I get out of this?

I win when you share my posts with others. There are rewards for entrepreneurs like me to be considered influential thinkers in our fields. I don’t seek anything other than the indirect rewards that come with being recognized for knowing my shit.

I’m pretty analytical. Sometimes it can seem emotionless. It’s not meant to be but I tend to lay things out in a logical, step by step path toward reasonable conclusions. My arguments are here for you to read but also to punch holes in. I don’t always get it right but you can count on me to tell it how I see it. I’m always open (and eager for) a more compelling argument, a better point of view.

We live in an increasingly transparent world and I figure that if you are reading this page of my blog you’re likely trying to figure out what qualifies me to write the things I do. So, here goes…

What qualifies me?

I’ve worked in the music business for almost 20 years and I’ve been an entrepreneur for all but 6 of those years.

As a signed musician, I achieved two hit singles. As an entrepreneur, my companies have been featured in Success Magazine, The New Yorker and other media, been the subject of a very popular case study at Harvard Business School – which is taught at top business schools all over the world, been profiled in a few documentaries, and even written into the screenplays of a couple network television series.

I speak several languages, do business internationally, have consulted for the government of Spain on music industry-related matters, and occasionally rant on The Huffington Post.

Most recently, I co-founded and currently serve as CEO of Music Xray, where we are introducing new technologies that help the music industry identify top talent and high potential songs quickly and efficiently while opening the doors of opportunity to millions of musicians. In fact, Music Xray has become the largest online community of music industry professionals in the world.

I live in Barcelona and New York and have a special fondness for my home state of Nebraska.

Oh, and I like cookies!

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Current roles & projects:

Co-founder & CEO at MusicXray

Advisory Board Member at Acquamedia

Advisor and strategist at Layers, a new social network that enables users to overlay content (images, video, text, highlights etc.) on top of any existing website and share it with their friends and the world.

I blog on The Huffington Post

I have recently started doing some consulting for the Spanish government / Generalitat de Catalunya to help them better understand the intricacies and nuances of the international music industry. They use this knowledge to help determine which local artists and projects should qualify for government subsidies and other resources. Understanding a particular project’s chances of success is crucial in deciding whether or not to provide backing.

I’ve started a new side project called The Song Cat A&R Blog & Podcast where every day I post three songs. Site visitors vote for the best one. Each day’s winning song goes on to the following day to face off against two new songs. Songs that do exceptionally well make it to the Blog’s wall of fame and I sometimes publicly review them in The Huffington Post or elsewhere. Each Thursday I release a podcast that features a few great songs I’ve come across recently and I discuss the new music industry. Subscribers include emerging artists, industry professionals and fans interested in the latest best music coming mostly from unsigned artists.

Anyone can submit their music to have it considered for the Blog.

My personal blog is located here on this site.

In my blog I hit a smattering of topics but invariably I return to the topics I am most passionate about: music, the music industry, social media, American politics and foreign affairs. I’m also fortunate to live in two great cities (Barcelona and New York) so from time to time I write about things going on in either place including restaurants and curiosities. I try to keep it interesting.

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