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  • I’m launching Newscat.cat so the English-speaking world can easily follow the Catalan Independence process

    By Mike on September 2, 2015
    TL;DR just check it out. The Catalan independence process is heating up and the elections that could set the country off on it’s own course take place later this month. It’s a very exciting and uncertain time and at the time of this writing, the elections have about an even chance of going either way. Today, I am launching News […]
  • One of the reasons Music Xray works: Submission fees

    By Mike on July 18, 2011
    Since February alone, more than 3500 songs and acts have been selected for opportunities on Music Xray. From my understanding, the ratio of submissions to deals is more than 10 times better than at online submission sites. Music Xray distinguishes itself by being an A&R platform – a site dedicated to finding the most appropriate songs & acts for each […]
  • Making sense of the new music industry – Part I

    By Mike on April 13, 2011
    If you haven’t been following the evolution of the traditional music business, there’s a lot to catch up on but let me give you the quick overview:
  • Music Xray Will Seek a New CEO

    By Mike on October 14, 2010
    I have already initiated the search process to replace myself as CEO of Music Xray. It's time. While I'm confident we can get the job done with our current team, I believe Music Xray could use the skills of a seasoned entrepreneur/executive in this space who has previously taken a company from our current stage through a successful exit. There are a few in my network to whom I'm reaching out and we're also meeting new people. There's no rush but sooner is better than later given all we have to do in 2011.
  • The Song-A-Day Blog Is Back

    By Mike on December 31, 2009
    In early November, just as the DotCat Song Blog was getting nearly 1000 unique visitors each day I had to stop updating it. I was just getting too overwhelmed and I needed to step back and get organized. Today, just in time for 2010 it’s back as the SongCat Blog (http://song.cat). Everyday we’ll post three songs. Site visitors vote for […]
  • Music Xray is the subject of a 5 page feature story in the BBC Magazine "Focus"

    By Mike on December 29, 2009
    In the November 2009’s issue of the BBC Focus Magazine you can read a 5 page feature article on Music Xray and how we’re helping labels and industry professionals find the best new music. down load the whole thing as a pdf and read it by clicking here It’s important to note that much of the interview I did for […]
  • The Future of the Music Industry

    By Mike on April 5, 2009
    “In the race to adopt new technologies, the music industry historically has finished just ahead of the Amish.” – Stan Cornyn, former Warner Music Group executive What is happening to the music industry? In short, the traditional music industry has been beaten, battered and completely transformed by a perfect storm of new technologies. It actually started with the introduction of […]